Premium Italian pasta


Voiello, one of the most ancient and famous Italian pasta brands, part of the Barilla Group, offers a wide range of pasta types produced with the best and most selected wheat according to the rules of the Neapolitan tradition.

Renowned for the high quality of its pasta, the Voiello brand places itself in the premium market sector in Italy and abroad.

Voiello brand identity had become tired and was no longer fit to express the premiumness of the company’s products. Voiello’s leadership on the market was at risk as other players were increasing their shares and eroding its position.



The analysis phase conducted by FutureBrand has determined that the brand identity of Voiello – the logo, the light blue colour and the shape of the window on its packages – were the iconic elements to build the new brand identity upon.

FutureBrand revised Voiello’s packaging system to make the heritage and quality values of the brand immediately visible to consumers in their search for excellence.

Working on a brand dating back to 1879 offered an opportunity to rediscover ancient visual codes belonging to the heritage of pasta and to use them as source of inspiration for the creativity phase.



A simple-yet refined design that draws inspiration from the long and successful history of the brand itself and uses it as a proof of the quality of its products.

A skilful mix of ancient graphics elements and of contemporary signs enhance the key attributes of the brand, bringing it back to the place where it belongs: among the Italian excellences.

Capabilities involved