O Boticário

Spreading Beauty

O Boticário enjoys great relevance in Brazil as a beauty brand, so the challenge was to develop solutions to boost a brand that is already so recognized and important.


During its history, the company has changed very little. But to keep competitive and updated within the market, it needed to be modernize.


The search for real beauty directs O Boticário’s path. This is solidified in their new visual identity, with vibrant colors expressing the brand’s upbeat personality. With its new positioning, O Boticário now has a logo as its main character. The letter “B” was chosen as an icon, highlighted by new lines and colors, which made them more modern. The handwriting appears as an inspiration for the creation of the monogram, matching the beauty theme and the brand’s entire visual and verbal universe with a soft touch.


With that new positioning, O Boticário is now closer to its customers, keeping a cohesive communication in all touchpoints. The brand has always attempted to value individuality and to empower women, so they can live their own beauty. Now the new brand carries that value as well as O Boticário’s traditions, but also projecting towards the future as a brand capable of keeping up with its customers evolution, always in search of innovation.

“What called my attention in FutureBrand’s work was the possibility to have at that moment a partner in intelligence, and in consulting, more than simply a brand designer.”

Andrea Mota - Marketing and Sales Director, O Boticário