In 2009, the company known as VisaNet was in need of change: until then, payment networks were only able to process a single card brand, but new regulatory changes now allowed them to handle several different brands at once.


To prepare the company for this new age, the creation of a new name, logo, and identity was in order. From this challenge, FutureBrand saw the opportunity to create a wider experience: a strong, reliable brand for an electronic-payment network that could redefine its market.


Over the course of three years, FutureBrand worked alongside the company to pave its way to the future. Our team created a new positioning, visual identity, apps, product design, and even their new name. “Cielo” (Spanish and Italian for “sky”) draws its inspiration from the vast infinity of space and its many connections: a name with a broader scope that goes beyond the technical terms and clichés typical of the payment transactions market.

The experience was completed with the creation of Lio, Cielo’s new integrated payment system that simplifies the sales process and makes for a faster and more dynamic interaction.


With over 1.8 million accredited merchants, Cielo is one of the five-largest electronic payment networks in the world and the biggest in Latin America. More than a brand on a machine, Cielo is a device that connects companies, associates, and users. Lio is also leading the way to a new era in the payment system.

“The development of Cielo was an ambitious, challenging operation that was mainly aimed at preparing the company for a new stage in its history. FutureBrand was essential in the process of creating and introducing our brand.” – Rômulo de Mello Dias, CEO, Cielo